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Dan Sawusch

Capturing the natural beauty of The Great Outdoors, Dan Sawusch is dedicated to preserving the moment that each picture holds.

An avid photographer for many years, Dan initially began shooting pictures of nature on his many vacations to Colorado and other Western States. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Dan left Illinois and sold his property management firm in order to live within God’s Country. Now residing in Colorado, he has been able to grow and foster his photographic style at the multitude of scenic locations available within the region.

Having previously owned The Photographic Depot in La Grange, IL and Future Star Cards in Northbrook, IL, Dan is the current owner and president of The Photo Touch in Loveland, CO. Assisting regional artists to develop their own skills and talents, he has laid to bare others with the expertise, insight, and knowledge that he has attained through the years.

Exhibiting a strong devotion to document nature’s beauty as well as to cultivate amateur and professional artists alike, Dan continues his role as an industry steward, providing others with the opportunity to create their very own masterpiece!

Steve Sawusch

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Steve ended up going to college for a mechanical engineering degree. After graduating, he moved to Colorado and started working with computers. Once the photo lab division started at his office, Steve’s interest in photography began.

In 2009 he bought a DSLR and quickly started producing stunning images. He has been able to travel across the country taking beautiful landscapes and turning them into works of art. He has aspirations of traveling the globe for more powerful images to add to his expanding portfolio. Steve currently resides near Loveland, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains as his backdrop to life.


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