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This past weekend, August 6th and 7th, Dan Sawusch Photography released 20 new landscape and wildlife images to the public at the Windsor Fine Arts Festival, in Windsor, Colorado.

“Epic, powerful, breath-taking” – these are just a few of the descriptions that were flying around, in an attempt to describe the realism, depth and vibrancy of these new releases.

Vast and dramatic scenic landscapes, breath-taking Autumn mountain vistas, surreal and almost mythical views of the great American West and its’ iconic bison and mustangs, along with jaw-dropping azure skies and golden aspen forests, with a few fun surprises in between, make for an unforgettable collection that you have got to see to believe.

“I like big landscapes,” says Dan, “As a landscape photographer, I don’t typically gravitate towards tight, narrow places.  I’m always looking to find a different way to present the information of what you normally expect to see.  I enjoy taking photographs and bringing them back, to share what I saw with you, like you are right there, looking through a window to the world.”

And what a big picture window that is.  These Western landscapes, as big as the Colorado sky, deserve to be shown in sizes they are worthy of, and range from 16”x24” to 36” x 72”.    This particular collection of new releases is presented in beautiful canvas gallery wrap, which gives the impressive fine art feel of a classic painting.

“Made with extreme attention to detail, of the highest quality and finest materials available, right here in the USA ,they may also be presented in photoplaq, metal, acrylic, framed or float-framed as well”, states Dan, who also happens to own The Photo Touch, northern Colorado’s premier professional photo service.

Released in a limited edition of 250 each, these enduring presentations are very durable and long lasting, and many owners of these types of images consider they are investing in heirlooms.

“People want to own these images and place them in their homes or workplace where they can enjoy them everyday and be reminded of the places they love and want to visit”, comments Dan.  “It’s like they can take a ten-minute vacation right there in their everyday settings and be refreshed and renewed for another day.”

With thousands in attendance at the Windsor Art Festival, the booth was packed.

“People just came in droves to our tent”, said Cindy Sawusch, Dan’s wife, who was helping with the show.  “It was like bees drawn to honey.  It felt like folks just hung around and didn’t seem to want to leave.  Some even commented that they felt like they could walk right into the picture.”

In case you missed it, there will be another opportunity to gaze and be amazed at this weekend’s 47th annual Loveland Art in the Park arts & crafts festival, August 13th and 14th, in Loveland, CO.  (

Images in this limited edition collection, will be available for purchase and may be taken home that day.  You may also buy online and have it shipped to your address. (Enter coupon code…)

Come and check it out.  You will never look at photography or Western landscape images the same again.

Dan Sawusch photography – ”A Window to the World”


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